With our funding you receive:

Customized Products

Designed with high flexibility level, in a way that they can adapt to the needs of various companies.

Transaction Costs

According to the strength of the clients and the level of risk in the operations.

Advisory and Companionship

Specialized to boost the growth of the companies we work with.

Our Products

If you seek funding

Allows the companies finance their pending bills to charge, whether they are invoices or letters; giving them the possibility to overtake the future flows in an immediate manner.

It also can improve the payments flow in the company, allowing to move the benefit of this product to their suppliers and dispose of liquidity to attend your immediate financial needs.


Allows the companies obtain liquidity through their inventories, whether these are of raw or prepared material; this product is ideal when the inventories have low rotation levels and big transaction volumes.

Also, it is ideal for the collecting processes and transformation of the agro-exporting, metal-mechanic and graphic industries.

Debt restructuring

We offer funding to buy debts with other entities to improve the cash flow and guarantees management.

Work Capital

Funding for companies which require capital to engage into the main activity of their businesses.

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Get in touch with our specialists calling the number +(511) 480-0420 or sending an email to inversiones@kuria.pe


Grupo Kuria will proceed to make an evaluation and financial consulting to determine the strategic proposal, including the guarantees that provide coverage.


Our team will proceed to structure and elaborate the respective contract with the correspondent guarantees for its signing.

Draw Up

The agreement is formalized to proceed with the disbursement, according to the stablished between the parties.